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Ultimaker S3/2/original standard carbon build plate Ultimaker

Ultimaker S3/2/original standard carbon build plate Ultimaker

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This carbon fiber build-plate is specifically designed for the Ultimaker S3 3D printer. This build plate is a standard  temperature version and can be used up 125°C. Specifically designed for 3D printing filaments like, PA, PP, ABS, ASA, PETG and many more.

- Suitable up to 125 °C

- Improved adhesion

- No more shattered build plates 

- Superior surface finish

Always use a surface adhesion promoter in combination with the carbon fiber plate to enable smooth release. Standard adhesion promoters, like 3Dlac, Magigoo, Dimafix, etc work very well.

Suitable for:

Ultimaker S3 - Ultimaker 2+ Connect - Ultimaker 2+ - Ultimaker 2+ Extended - Ultimaker 2 - Ultimaker 2 Extended - Ultimaker Original +


Carbon fiber 3D printing build plate

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Care Instructions

Clean with water and always use bed adhesion promoter like Magigoo.

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