3D printer carbon fiber plate glass replacement

Tired of chipped or broken glass plates?

Chipped glass build-plates 

When 3D printing with polymers like PET-G, ABS, Nylon or high performance polymers like PEI and PEEK can cause chipping of glass plates or even breaking. This phenomena can are caused due to Shrinkage (mismatch coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between glass and a polymer), excessive bonding due to over-extruding, too much adhesive and too close printing to the glass plate.

Chipping is caused by very good adhesion on the build-plate in combination with stiffness of the parts that causes stress on the bonding layers. When the part cools down during the process stresses are build up and cause warpage. When the part is extremely well fixed the glass can chip, micro-crack or even fully crack during cool down. 

The use of carbon fiber print bed solves this issue due to the high strength and stiffness these plates. So the parts can cool down and keep the adhesion on the build plate without damaging the plate. This is a durable solution for your printer and serves many prints without damaging the build plate. 

Keep in mind that some polymers like PA's gives extremely strong adhesion on the carbon finer plates and without an adhesion layer the carbon fiber plate can cause some suface damage. So we advice to always use an adhesion promoter like Magigoo to create a protection layer between the plate and the part for easy part removal without damaging the printer part.

So when you are looking for a reliable sustainable solution use our Carbon fiber build plates for your 3D printer!

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