High temperature carbon fiber plate for ultra performance polymers minifactory 3d printer

Carbon fiber build plates for Ultra polymers

High temperature carbon fiber build-plate for ultra polymers

When you are using ultra polymers like PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PI on glass build plates they often chip or even shatter. Our long experience in printing of ultra polymers did us decide to look for durable alternatives for glass plates. The major challenge with the ultra polymer build plates are the high temperatures that are needed. The recommended bed temperatures can easily go up to 190°C or in some cases even up to 220°C.

Our quest for plates has resulted in a specific aerospace resin with carbon fibers. These plates can even get annealed in such a way that it can handle temperatures up to 220°C and thus also can be used for polymers like PPSU. But even for standard polymers like PA, PETG, PC etc these build-plates are a good solution for chipped or shattered build-plates. 

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